About Broadbents

Over 100 Years of Fashion!



We are an independent womenswear boutique with stores in Knutsford and Stockton Heath. 

We pride ourselves on offering a collection sourced from a wide variety of British and International brands.  Ranging from smart casual to more formalwear, our definitive range of clothing, footwear and accessories caters to the needs of today’s modern woman.

Our history
  •  Est 1903 - John Walker Broadbent opens a drapery shop in Warrington.
  • The business rapidly grew – a second shop was opened and further businesses were launched in Wilmslow, Leigh and Macclesfield.
  • In partnership with his wife, John Broadbent consolidated the business into a department store in Warrington, Broadbent and Turner.
  • Together with his sister-in-law, he also opened a childrenswear shop, Broadbent and Ainsworth, also in Warrington.
  • Over time the name reverted simply to Broadbents
  • The second and third generations of the family specialised in ladies fashion and accessories
  • The shop in Warrington was replaced by our womenswear boutiques in Knutsford and Stockton Heath
  • Broadbents in Knutsford was opened in 1968 on attractive King Street
  • Broadbents in Stockton Heath was opened in 1973 on the site of the former Stockton Heath Forge
  •  Broadbents boutiques have been created as fashion department stores in miniature.  

Broadbents Drapery Shop 1903

Broadbents Adverts

Broadbents Adverts